DFX eDiscovery
The eDiscovery engine is a pre-configured data discovery engine which will index the information from various source systems to keep them up to date and searchable for the users at any given time should there be a request from data subject for a piece of information, discovery engine will pull out all the matched information with exact location and the category/type of information so that the concerned personnel/department can take necessary action for data remediation
DFX Classifier
The DFX Classifier is another component within the product suite which provides automatic classification of the data during the creation and/or modification based on predefined classification rules.
This component will enable the users to tag business context and categorise them to group the information by business rules

DFX Workflow
The rules engine of the DFX Workflow will enable IT to customise the business rules (such as retention policy, desktop policy, data management policy etc.) to categorise the information, for example, retention period, can be tagged to the data points, exceptions can be tagged to certain data points, set compliance flags etc.
DFX Analytics
The Data Analytics is a powerful engine yet very intuitive for end users like Data Protection Officer(DPO) , Deputy DPO, Head of Risk & Compliance, and Business Leads. The Data non-compliance reports predominantly in assisting the data breaches around policies. In addition to generating reports, business Analytics capability will enable business to produce predefined users will be able to send notification to data stewards for remediation.