Digitising patient health records and share the information to a specialist to diagnose the patient health.

Organizations across world-wide need to be able to respond to the GDPR regulations around individual data privacy.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), requires that an organization have absolute knowledge of where all EU personal data is stored across the enterprise, and be able to remove it when required.

Actual demonstrated compliance requires the ability to search across all data sources in the enterprise for data, including distributed unstructured data stored on desktops and file servers therefore data discovery and data classification are the foundation of GDPR compliance.

The organisation requires both a proactive and reactive side of data discovery with business context to produce an intelligent data map, to classify and remediate non-compliant data.

Tt is clear that GDPR compliance requires the ability to demonstrate and prove that personal data is being protected, necessitating effective data audit and discovery capabilities that allow companies to efficiently produce the documentation and other information necessary to respond to regulators and EU private citizen’s requests.

The Family Office in Switzerland, have multi terabytes of documents on the network that cause high consumption of storage, duplication of files across the jurisdiction as a result the business users find difficult to search and locate the client data to meet their operational needs such as regular payments, cross border business transactions, GDPR DSAR requests etc.

Datafabricx enable the family office to discover their client data using eDiscovery and analytics service. The eDiscovery service discover structured and unstructured data across the business systems and enable the family office to migrate their documents into DMS with auto classification. The reporting service enable the DPO and Deputy DPO to identify the client data retained in the firm beyond the retention policy. Also, enable the business to remediate the non-compliant data.

The Datafabricx data migration service also enable the family office to migrate their legacy business systems to modern technology stack in 100 days sprint. The migration project standardised applications portfolios (100+) and distributed databases (586+) into a customer portal integrated with an ERP system.